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What you can find on our shelves

    • Tomato sauce in exciting combinations
    • Pasta and trahaná (the basis for a delicious Greek soup)
    • Pulses (small lentils, beans, giant beans, fava, chickpeas) but also bulgur and rice. 
    • Herbal teas (such as mountain tea or saffron teas) and aromatic herbs
    • Greek coffee and instant coffee for the famous Greek "frappe" coffee
    • Jams and the typical-for-Greece “spoon sweets”
    • Sundried tomatoes, vine leaves, mustard
    • Canned Greek tomatoes and tomato paste
    • Cretan rusks, neutral and sweet
    • Wine made with Greek variety grapes, but also the well-known Retsina
    • Beer (microbrewery beer, non-filtered, non-pasteurized)
    • Honey
    • Tahini
    • Halva
    • Classic Greek snacks, such as Greek chocolate and wafers (normal and mini sizes), "pasteli" (a delicious sesame and sesame-and-hazelnuts or almonds snack) Greek delights, “submarine”, handmade candy
    • Balsamic vinegar and balsamic glaze
    • Olives and olive paste, and…
    • Olive oil, of course. So far, we have an assortment of 8 different ones, 4 of which are organic. You are most welcome to taste them and decide which one is your favorite to take home. A few more, from different areas of Greece, are to be added to our collection in the coming months.


    In our fridge, you can find:

    • Various sorts of Greek cheese, such as: feta (either from goat-sheep or goat only), kaseri (from goat-sheep or goat only milk), smoked cheese, mizithra and anthotyro
    • Filo pastry for your own creations
    • EPSA: the classic Greek soft drinks
    • Our extremely popular dips
    • And our very own creation, Olivitea, made with Greek mountain tea, pieces of fruit and spices --no sugar or sweetener added
          Our assortment keeps growing, more products arrive regularly!


    Our assortment keeps growing, more products arrive regularly!

    The Shop