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Enjoying food around the table has always been an important part of the Greeks’ life. 
Other than celebrations (religious holidays, social occasions) and Sundays (a must for all the family to gather around the table), back at the time when distances where shorter and working hours less crazy, the family used to gather around the table every day for lunch. 
It would be rather hard to bring those times back, however, we can share the taste thereof with you: be it a catering order, a networking event, a private dining occasion, a birthday or a cooking workshop, you will experience one of the thing we Greeks are great at, both preparing and enjoying: mouthwatering food!

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CATERING, EVENTS, private dining


Would you like us to organize the catering for your event at home?

We have a large variety of finger-food or suggestions for a complete meal, from appetizers to dessert, either buffet-style or around the table.

Are you a group of 15-25 people and would like to host your event at our store?

You may enjoy a buffet-style dinner at our store, with nibbles or dishes which we will choose with you.

Of course, you may also browse through our catering menu and choose your own favorites. 

Would you like to dine at our store with a smaller group of 5-10 people? 

Please contact us, and we will discuss the private dining options available. 


Would you like to learn how to prepare your favorite Greek dishes or discover less well-known flavors of the Greek cuisine?

Just contact us, we’ll be happy to organize a cooking course for you (groups of 7-12 people).

Custom-made courses can also be organized, to celebrate a special event (birthday, bachelor party) or as a team-building activity.

We can offer you an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan 3-course menu, which we will all prepare in our kitchen and then enjoy together.