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What you can find on our shelves

  • Pulses (small lentils, beans, giant beans, fava, chickpeas) and rice.

  • Pasta and trahaná

  • Herbal teas (such as mountain tea or saffron teas) and aromatic herbs

  • Greek coffee and instant coffee for the famous Greek "frappe" coffee

  • Dips, mustard, tomato sauce and sundried tomatoes

  • Cretan rusks, neutral (for Dakos) and sweet

  • Wine made with Greek variety grapes, but also the well-known Retsina

  • Ouzo, tsipouro and mastiha liqueur

  • Honey

  • Tahini (plain, with honey or with cocoa)

  • Halva in different flavors, and also with honey or stevia

  • Classic Greek snacks, such as Greek chocolate and wafers (the famous Greek Chocofreta), "pasteli" (a delicious sesame and sesame-and-hazelnuts or almonds snack) Greek delights, “submarine”

  • Balsamic vinegar and balsamic glaze

  • Olives and olive paste, and…

  • Olive oil, of course, from bottles of 0,25L to cans of 5L, but also flavored olive oil. All sorts are extra virgin, of course, just like the olive oil we use for our cooking.


    Our assortment keeps growing, new products arrive regularly!

Our assortment keeps growing, new products arrive regularly!

The Shop